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Quaintly nestled in the mountains, Nissoria boasts a considerable wheat harvest, along with grapes, olives and fruit products which are all annually displayed in a gastronomic fair held in the month of May. In addition, cattle breeding flourishes in the area thanks to numerous zones well-suited to pasture. The name Nissoria comes from the Greek "Sunor", meaning "proximity", as it is equidistant from its two neighbouring towns, Leonforte and Agira. The present built up area dates back to 1757, when the nobleman Francesco Rodrigo Ventimiglia transferred inhabitants of the nearby valley of Torre to what is now Nissoria.
The area passed hands thereafter to barons of the noble Moncada family and remained property as such until the abolition of feudal laws. Of notable architectural relevance is its Cathedral, adorned with a faade featuring a loggia made up of three arcs. Beginning precisely from here is the Festa di San Giuseppe, a festival honouring the town's patron saint, held annually in the month of August. Inside the church bearing his name there are a number of splendid paintings by Guglielmo Borremans (1670-1744).

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