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Enna is a city located in the center of Sicily, towering above the surrounding countryside. It has earned a few nicknames, such as "belvedere" (panoramic viewpoint) or the "ombelico" (navel) of Sicily. Enna is the highest provincial capital of Italy and is now an important center in archaeological and educational studies.
The most important monuments of Enna are the Castello di Lombarda (Lombardy Castle), perhaps the most important example of military architecture in Sicily (it was created in very old times by Sicanians, rebuilt by Frederick II of Sicily and restructured under Frederick II of Aragon); the Duomo (Cathedral), a noteworthy example of religious architecture in Sicily, built in the 14th century by queen Eleonora, Frederick III's wife, but largely renovated after the fire of 1446; Palazzo Varisano, housing the Regional Archaeological Museum of Enna and the Torre di Federico, an ancient tower which was allegedly a summer residence of Frederick II of Hohenstaufen.
Lake Pergusa is set between a group of mountains in the chain of Erei, and it is located 5 km from Enna. In the area of Pergusa lake we can also find an archaeological site, known as Cozzo Matrice, practically the rests of an old fortified village, where some imposing walls dating about 8000 BC, a sacred citadel, a rich necropolis and the remains of an ancient temple dedicated to Demeter, dating more than 2000 years ago. The important forest and green area named Selva Pergusina (that means "Pergusa's Wood") surrounds a part of the Lake Pergusa Valley, evocating a scenographic panorama. Around the lake, there is the most important racing track of Southern Italy, the Autodromo di Pergusa.

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