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Villa Romana del Casale in Piazza Armerina
World Heritage Site UNESCO

Situated in the center of a chain of lush hills, easily reached by train and an efficient system of roadways, is Piazza Armerina, a lively, modern and populous center in the province of Enna. It is a town rich in gardens, schools and medival, renaissance and baroque buildings and monuments. Piazza Armerina reached its maximum splendor in the Middle Ages and played an active role in Sicily's history. Piazza Armerina is known worldwide for "the Mosaics of the Roman Villa of Casale".
Because of their figurative style, realism of the subjects and range of colours, they constitute a document of inestimable artistic value and rare font of knowlege regarding the customs and practices of the Roman period. Piazza Armerina, because of its geographic position, climate and tranquility, is also a comfortable base from which to visit other nearby centers rich in activities an attractions for every type of tourist: the archaeological remains of the Siculo-Greek town of Morgantina; the ceramics museum of Caltagirone; the numerous lakes in the province.

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