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Climate and Geology

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Climate and Geology

The climate is typically mediterranean with hot summers and warm winters. The average temperature is 18 degrees. Constant winds keep clean the ever-changing sky, and rain is scarce.
The island shows clear signs of its volcanic origin. Most evident are la Grande Caldera, whose edge circumscribes the entire island, la Montagna Grande ('Sciaghibir' to the Arabs), the remnant of an ancient cone and the 40 other hill, 'Kuddie', formed by old craters, around it.
Then there are the 'favare', jets of steaming water hissing from rocky clefts and the 'bagni asciutti' whose emissions of steam make them natural sauna caves, useful in the treatment of rheumatism,and the 'calderelle', hot springs, often reaching 70 degrees, scattered about the island.