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The Madonie Park, which is well known for its natural, historical, and artistic contribution to the surrounding territory, is dotted with numerous religious structures, monasteries, hermitages and stone churches, many of them isolated aloft the mountain tops. Forgotten along the waterways are mills and old farms, often built on the more ancient remains of Roman buildings; these testify to the ability of a culture able to live in perfect harmony with nature. In the area of the Madonie Park, one may also find the oldest of all Sicilian rocks, formed during the Triassic period. These are documented by the numerous fossils which have been recovered in the calcareous zones of the mountain chain. The tallest and most spectacular peaks of these chains are Pizzo Carbonara (1979 m), Monte San Salvatore (1912 m), Monte Ferro (1906 m), Monte Ouacella (1869 m), and Monte dei Cervi (1656 m). The expansive area of the Madonie Park, with all of its differing geomorphologic-climatic characteristics, allows for the identification of three separate zones. The first is the coastal band of the northern slope in which grows the densest forest, due to its being protected from African winds and which is filled with centuries-old olive groves, cork, chestnut trees, ash trees, oak trees and the clusters of Piano Pomo holly trees.
A second zone is the vast mountain chain which preserves the wooded mantle of holm oaks and beech trees and in which numerous species endemic to the area may be found, such as the "Abies Nebrodensis." The third zone, a southern slope which varies from sunny and bare to verdant and mild in the changing of the seasons, is a reflection of the true Sicily.
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