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Vegetation and fauna

The Mediterranean vegetation is characteristic (partly destroyed or ruined by Man) and is comprised mainly by oleanders, myrtle trees, cysts brushwood, heather, broom and prickly-leaf oak. There are also aromatic shrubs of rosemary, thyme, heliotrope and lentisk. Two woody plants abound in practically the whole of the Aeolian area: the vine and the olive tree.
The vegetation is characterized by cultivations of olive trees and vineyards, now almost neglected, by formations of bush and pioneer vegetation. The bush covers almost all the islands, mainly on the highest part of the mountains. Among the various endemisms present in the Aeolian Islands, characterizing the vegetation, one can find: the Cytisus aeolicus, called Sgbbiu in the local dialect, in few specimen, the Centaurea Cineraria aeolica, besides the Kochia saxicola found at Strombolicchio.
On the island of Vulcano and Salina, you can find some arboreous entities not related to the Aeolian vegetations, which have been recently introduced by reafforestation and which vary the Aeolian vegetation.
Among the fruit trees the following are worthy of particular mention: the fig, the almond, the pli.m, the carob tree and the prickly pear.
Characteristic plants are the caper and esparto grass. Owing to the deficiency of water, the areas devoted to the culture of citrus fruits are very limited.
The growing of cereals is also of limited importance and the production is not sufficient to satisfy local requirements. Amongst the products exported, the malvasia grapes and capers are worthy of note.
The fauna is very varied and rich and is represented by birds and lezards among the Vertebrates, while the Invertebrates are present with Tenebronida Coleopters and Gasteropoda Molluscs. On the islands, in Spring and Autumn, migratory birds such as pelicans, red or ash herons, cormorants, flamingoes, cranes, wild geese, anatides quails and "cigeri" pass over the island. The most interesting permanent kinds are the magpie (major and minor) locally called "araghiune". Among the birds of prey one may see, are the mediterranean falcon, the "lodaiolo", the queen falcon and the cuckoo falcon.
The rearing of sheep, goats and cattle is of a certain importance (The Plain of Vulcano). Wild rabbits are to be found in most of the islands. Fishing is carried on in most parts. Anchovies, sardines, mackerel, molluscs and shell fish are the most common types. The fishing of palamido is typical, also of tunny and sword-fish, which is carried out towards the end of the Spring season at Lipari and Stromboli where fishermen from Sicily also throng.
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