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Climatic conditions

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Climatic conditions

The climate of the Archipelago, owing to the poor precipitations, the mild temperature in Winter and cool in Summer is remarkably dry.
The changes of temperature are never great. The medium temperatures range from 13 C in Winter (January) to 20 C in Spring (May) and to 27 C in Summer (July) and 21 C in Autumn (October). The average temperature for the year is bet- ween 20 C and 16 C.
Rainfall is not abundant (from 500 to 600 mm. annually), distributed over 50 to 100 rainy days with a maximum in Winter.
The annual average relative humidity is 77% with minimum values in August (69%) and maximum in May (73%).
The predominant winds, in the annual average are the North-West ones "Maestrale" and the South-East ones "scirocco". The sky is blue during 70% of the Summer days, 25% in Winter, 35% in Spring and 50% in Autumn.
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