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The Arc of Fire - Scientifically the archipelago is defined as a "volcanic arc". Geology explains the origin of the islands as a result of the "continental drift" or movement of the earth's crust. The African continental shelf is in constant movement towards Europe. The resulting collision has created a volcanic area with ruptures in the earth's crust with consequent eruptions of magma. The "Eolian arc" extends for more than 140 kilometres but the area of geological instability caused by the collision of Africa with Europe is very much larger. It includes Sicily, Calabria, Campania together with Greece and the Aegean islands. The complex of the seven Eolian islands, covering an area of 1600 square kilometres, originated from a great plain at the bottom of the Tyrrhenian sea. Emitions of lava from depths of up to 3600 metres resulted in the formation of our islands together with Ustica and a series of submarine volcanoes named Magnani, Vavilov, Marsili and Palinuro as well as two that are unnamend. The present shape of th eEolian islands is the result of volcanic activity over a period of 360,00 years. The oldest islands are Panarea, Filicudi, Strombolicchio, while the most recent is Stromboli. Vulcanello is the youngest volcano.
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