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Isole Eolie (Aeolian Islands)
World Heritage Site UNESCO

Alicudi - (Surface area: 5.2 Sq. kms)

Alicudi, the ancient Ericusa, name due to the bushes of heather of which a large part of the island is covered. The island is made up of a stratumcomplex volcano. In its South-West part it is covered with some small volcanoes with cupolas of stagnation. There are neither endogenous phenomena at Alicudi nor traces of recent activity.
Alicudi has a sub-conical form culminating with filo dell'Arpa or Timpone of the Montagnola (662 m). The Western slope of the island is steep and uninhabited; the Eastern solpe is comprised of terraces and dotted with houses amongst which emerges in a picturesque position, the Church of San Bartolomeo.
The Serro della Farcona is characteristic, encircled by high precipices and Timpone delle Femmine, situated also in an inaccessible position; here the women took refuge during the Saracen invasions.

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