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Levanzo is the smallest of the Egadi Islands; unspoilt and beautiful, it is immersed in green, natural vegetation and surrounded by a crystal clear sea. It is famous for its Grotta del Genovese (Cave of the Genoese) where there are graffiti - evidence of prehistoric art of the Upper Palaeolithic age - and paintings dating back to the Neolithic age. The island has a precipitous coastline, accessible only on the North-West and South-East sides, which extend steeply down from a plateau, which peaks with the Pizzo del Monaco (278 metres 762 feet).
The only built up area, in which most of the population is concentrated, is located on the southern coast of the island in a bay called the Cala Dogana, which is also a little harbour, being well protected from the northern and western winds. It is best to visit Levanzo, as is true for the other islands, by boat in order to be able to admire the beauty of the sea and to enjoy its transparent waters. The eastern part of the island is composed by a continuous series of coves, often overhung by sheer cliffs. Levanzo's depths are a paradise for those who love diving. The sea is coloured by the shades of green and deep blue and it is rich of flora and fauna. It still keeps numerous archaeological findings dating back to the punic battles and the roman period. Anfora, vases anchors lie on the depht of this generous sea guarding jelously age - old stories, adventures of men and battles, myths and legends.
Those who come to Levanzo, must leave behind the uproars of the world, the hustle of everyday life, the nioses of the towns. Here life flows peacefully and slow in a space - temporal dimension that has nothing in common with the bustle of the dry land.

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