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Tortoĺ, inhabited since prehistory as is evidenced by the Tomb of the Giants the numerous domus de janas and nuraghi of the area, is situated on the east coast of Sardinia and it is considered the most important town of the splendid Ogliastra region. It extends along a stretch of coast adjacent to the Arbatax port, which is well connected with the principal ports of the Italian peninsula.
The wide selection of accommodation available makes Tortoĺ all the more charming.
From the superb view of the highest mountains on the island, to the wide choice of inland excursions, from idyllic landscapes to the typical small villages which still preserve old customs, from the chance to go hunting or deep sea fishing, to the opportunity for a boat trip to beautiful white sandy beaches, Tortoli’is a seaside resort with a definite future. The coastal area is full of wonderful places worth visiting: the beaches of Basaura, Orŕ and Cea are within easy reach. A little further you’ll find the beautiful sights of Goloritzé, Sisine, Calaluna and the well known "bue marino" cave where the famous "Nun Seal" used to dwell.
The excellent cuisine of the area features a variety of fresh fish provided by the local fishermen.

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