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San Pantaleo, a fraction of Olbia, is certainly a fundamental tourist destination. The position of the town is especially convenient, being, in fact, half way between Arzachena, the Costa Smeralda and Porto Rotondo. It is one of the most picturesque little towns in Sardinia: over the houses, arranged around the parochial church, loom the great granite monoliths of Punta S. Andrea, of the Pelchia Manna and Pelchia Minori points, of Punta Muvrone and Punta Balbacanu, creating a spectacular and very striking kind of scenery, they seem to almost want to hurtle down on top of the town.
The numerous, small one-storey houses and the little villas built in the style of the Gallura area which surround the little parochial church of San Pantaleo are highly characteristic. The area was inhabited even in the prehistoric age. In the surrounding area, there are the remains of the ancient Roman road Olbia- Tibula. There are some ruins of medieval dwellings in the area of San Pietro, towards Mount Cugnana and in other parts of the area.
During the summer, the town comes to life: each week, in the piazza there is a market of various knick-knacks and also authentic rarities which attracts tourists from all over.

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