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Speaking of San Teodoro, one cannot help referring to the sea that made it famous in Italy and abroad: the transparent waters, the enchanting coasts with the close islands of Tavolara and Molara are the great attractions of this picturesque village stretching between the plain and the hills. The most popular beach, due to its beauty and its proximity to the village, is La Cinta, a white 5 km long arch of sand edged with dunes, insinuated between the sea and the pond. But the shore offers a lot of other small nice beaches, protected by picturesque reefs and surrounded by a lush and scented vegetation.
In some of these little soltary bays, nature has carved rocky monuments of fantastic shapes: the most popular of these natural creations is the "Turtle" in Cala Ghjlgolu. Very near the village is situated Cala d'Ambra; further south is the small beach of l'Isuledda, a real gem of San Teodoro coast. North of San Teodoro, the most popular beaches are the colorful Porto Brandichini and Cala Brandichini. Further north, Codacavallo and Cala Ghjlgolu, which are among the most beautiful places of all the Mediterranean Sea.

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