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Barisardo lies in a nearly plain area surrounded by the mountains of Ogliastra, which are disposed as a natural semicircle facing the Tirreno Sea. Its importance as a tourist site improved in the last years, due to the beautiful beaches, the bright clear sea, the uncontaminated natural surroundings, while its traditions have their roots in a simple agricultural economy. The countyside is rich of ancient rural houses, green oliveyards and vineyards, old sheepfolds, together with marine bushes and thickets, somewhere mixed with new houses, hotels and camping areas.
The seaside lays for about 9 Km length, starting north with the fascinating beach of Cea, with its particular twin red rocks rising from the blue sea water, continues with the black rocky cliff of Punta Niedda, then with the pink sand of the wide beach near La Torre, ending south with a long broad beach of white sand, totally open towards seawaves. The position of Barisardo is highly propitious for visiting the beautiful natural surroundings, either on the sea-side or on the internal mountain sites. Along the coast, small vessels leaving in summerime from Barisardo lead to the marvellous places situated in the neighbourhood, such as Cala Luna, Cala Goloritz, Cala Sisine", Cala Mariolu, Grotta del Bue Marino, and other small beaches, which are certainly between the most attractive and uncontaminated in the Mediterranean Sea.
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