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The Comune (municipality) is comprised of two built up areas: Giba and Solcis. The oldest part of the town is the northern part, close to the artificial basin of Mount Pranu. The south-eastern part, however, in an area characterised by Mediterranean maquis vegetation and century-old olive groves, is where the more recent part of the town has developed. It is precisely in this area, at the locality Is Musas, that the Comune has recuperated the ruins of an ancient monastery and adjacent village, and has included them in the construction of a park. The panoramic village Villarios is situated nearby, and only a small distance away, there are the pools and the beach of Porto Botte. This area of marshland is host to various types of interesting, palustrine bird- life, including pink flamingos and herons. Porto Botte began to develop in the 1950's when the population of the nearby Carbonia established a number of bathing establishments along the sandy coastline. In addition, the area is rich with the ancient heritage of the nuraghe which are somewhat tumbledown, but nevertheless worth a visit.
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