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La Maddalena is the only inhabited island of the archipelago consisting of 7 large islands and about 20 islets on the North-East coast of Sardinia, in the Straits of Bonifacio.
The archipelago extendes for about 200 km of coast, with many, well sheltered small beaches of white sand, such as Cala Corsara on the island of Spargi and the famous Pink Beach on the island of Budelli.
The Mediterranean maquis dominates the scenery, as well as the granite sculptured by the wind. Spring shows all its splendor in the local flora with numerous rares species, typical of the islands in the straits.
A ferry service connects La Maddalena to Sardinia full time. La Maddalena and Caprera are connected by buses and taxis. All the other islands can be reached by boat. The hospital, equipped with an hyperbaric room, and three pharmacies guarantee medical assistance.

The Parco Nazionale dell'Arcipelago delLa Maddalena covers an area of more than 12.000 hectares (land and sea are considered together). It is made up from shores for about 180 km and all those islands and islets that are part of the Town of La Maddalena. The geomarine park will be an integral part of the international marine park of Bocche di Bonifacio which will soon be established.

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