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The unpolluted, natural environment enthralls the thousands of tourists who visit Gallipoli: the turquoise coloured sea, intruding among the gilded ramparts of the old town walls; the stupendous, multicoloured, rocky shaIlows around the island of Saint Andrea, the pleasure of a solitary plunge down to Poseidon's prarie.
An evening excursion to view the sea bed from a glass keeled boat is an unforgettable experience. Enjoy the typically Mediterranean undergrowth along Gallipoli's sandy coast line; it is particularly luxuriant at Pizzo Point.
This underg rowth gives off a heady mixture of perfumes: rosemary, juniper and myrtle. Lost among the sensational coIours that surround you, to take an outing on horseback or by bicycle is an even more pleasurable way to discover Gallipoli.

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