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This is an archipelago formed of three main islands and some cliffs lying on a limestone shelf located in the Adriatic Sea north of Gargano. Uncontaminated nature, crystal clear water, the variety of colours of the soundings, the fascinating history, all this makes the Tremiti Isles a tourist stop over point.
In ancient times the Tremiti Islands were known as "Insulae Diomedeae", because they were linked to the mythical Diomedes who it is said was buried here after the Trojan war. Accoding to the people who used to live here, the moans which can be heard on summer nights was the weeping of the companions of the Greek hero. In truth these moans, which sound like the crying of newly born babies, can still be heard today but are no more than the calls of shearwaters; birds belonging to the petrel family, which find an ideal environment on the Tremiti Islands to build their nests.
The beauty of the Tremiti Islands has always been known, as shown legends and poems dedicated to these places. The name may come from the "shaking" of the very frequent earthquakes. The isles are twelve miles north-east from the Gargano; northern coast, facing the lake of Lesina. They can be easily reached from Foggia by helicopter and from the main coastal locations nearby (Manfredonia, Peschici, Rodi Garganico, Termoli and Vasto) by means of motorboats and hydrofoil. From 1989 the Tremiti isles are a Marine natural reserve.

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