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Pettenasco is situated a little to the north of Orta, on the eastern banks of the lake. The municipality was cited in a number of documents dating as far back as 1039, which was an era in which it belonged to the episcopal feud of San Giulio, possession of the count-bishops of Novara. Previously, it was part of the Lombard dukedom of the Island of San Giulio and of the Comitato di Pombia. Today Pettenasco, it is a tourist destination with good facilities, a small lido and a port of call for the boats touring the lake.
Things to visit at Pettenasco:
The Church of Saint Audenzio and Caterina, built in 1778, on the edge of the built up area and on top of an old Romanesque chapel of the 12th century. The church preserves, on its northern side, the medieval and very basic Romanesque bell tower, one of the most ancient in the whole of the Riviera. The Museum of the Art of Wood Turning, which is located in the old wood-turning workshop on the Roggia Molinara; here the public may admire a valuable collection of tools, utensils, machines and other objects originating from the old factories and artisan workshops of the area. The Medieval House, located in the piazza del Municipio square, the upper rooms of which often accommodate exhibitions and shows. The courtyard of the Medieval House is occasionally used as a concert room.

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