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Sacri Monti of Piedmont and Lombardy
World Heritage Site UNESCO

The ancient village of Orta San Giulio possesses a charm and a fascination which are difficult to describe, it is the pearl and the heart of the lake. There is a suggestive and romantic aspect to it which has fascinated artists, writers and poets from all over the world for centuries. Orta San Giulio is full of precious treasures of art, of faith, history and of the environment.
A visit to the historical centre should not be missed, to see the Renaissance houses, villas and palaces and the Palazzo del Comune (Town Hall) of the 1500's in thedrawing room-piazza which, every week, gives space to a picturesque market. In season, there are a great many artistic and musical events in Orta San Giulio, including the Settembre Musicale concerts on the island and the Festival Cusiano di Musica Antica, in the spring.
The island of San Giulio, (Saint Julius) for its artistic and environmental beauty and for its experience of historical events represents an open-air museum complex of exceptional importance. The basilica, which contains the body of the Saint, is a wonderful example of Romanesque architecture.

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