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Trezzo Tinella is located on the ridge which leads to Benevello and Bossolasco, just a few kilometres from Alba and Neive. The town, of ancient origins (in Roman times, it was a very large main city), has preserved practically nothing of its glorious past. In 1879, the pavement of the ancient "Via Magistra Langarum" was discovered which crossed the Tinella at the San Giovanni bridge and thus provided a link between Alba and Cortemilia. Naranzana was a strategic locality along the length of the "Via Magistra" and is where, in 1974, some farmers, while ploughing, found the remains of a Roman necropolis. Amongst the vines on the Monte Oliveto, stones formed into square or rectangular shapes are continually coming to light, revealing the existence of ancient settlements. The "Via Magistra" is ideal for wonderful walks or bicycle rides.

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