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Alba, whose name has been connected in the years to its most noble products: wines and truffle, is a town rich in history starting from the Neolithic period. The numerous archaeological finds between the sixth and third millennium BC are a sign to the presence of a population of settlers and hunters, later classified as Liguri Stazielli, living in circular huts, using fire and skill in the manufacturing of ceramics and in the working of the sharp silica. The Celts, who invaded this region at the end of the V century BC, gave the area a name whose meaning "Capital" indicates its prestige from the very beginning of times. Known as Alba Pompeia since 89 BC it was a powerful Roman Municipium surrounded by impressive walls on whose foundations the medieval walls were constructed.
The development of the town during the municipal period was intense as shown by the construction of monasteries, churches, hospitals as well as many of the towers and palaces. As from 1631, the Savoia family took over the town and under its control Alba grew in prosperity after the terrible years of the pest which decimated the population. The Nineteenth century was a time of great transformations, urban innovations and cultural developments thanks to the activities of renowned figures: the architect Busca, an inspired mayor, Federico Eusebio, the founder of the homonym museum, Michele Coppino, deputy of Alba and minister of Public Instruction and Teobaldo Calissano known for his law against the adulteration of wines. In the twentieth century during the world wars, the town was a battlefield, but its role in the Resistance earned it the Golden Military Valour Medal. The entrepreneurship of the people of Alba like the Ferrero brothers and the Miroglio family gave, in the aftermath of the second world war, the impulse needed to start the industrial activities, setting out a prosperous path and making Alba one of the most important city in the Province of Cuneo.

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