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Montegrimano Terme is a medieval castle that has formed the heart of the town till today lying firm as a rock and spiral like on top of a hill. In the oldest part of the town a tower of the 5th century stands out, dominating the small square of medieval origin. In the church of the Holy Mary (Santa Maria) an excelient work of the baroque school entitied Madonna delle Grazie is kept.
The mineral springs of Montegrimano Terme have been already known in Roman times; in fact, in various centuries reservoirs and other structural members were discovered near the spa area. In the following centuries, moreover, numerous important books mention the beneficial property of the spa: quotes of the chemist Andrea Bacci, physician in ordinary at the court of the pope (Archiatra), taken from his De Thermis from the 6th century, of the doctor and scientist Mengo Bianchelli from his De Balneis from the 7th century, of the humanist Giovanni Hercolani found in one of his famous epigrams, up to a much more recent treatise on the mineral waters of ltaly of the year 1923 written by the profferos Vinci and Finali. As early as the 16th century Montegrimano has been famous and much envied. From 1900 on, the year of the inauguration of the first "hydrotherapy season" of Montegrimano Terme numerous analysises on these waters have been carried out, all proving their special curing quality.

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