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Monte San Bartolo Nature Park was instituited in 1994 with a Regional Law and then became fully operative in May 1997. Mount San Bartolo is a high gruond system, with summits as high as roughly 200 meters, stretching for 10 Km from Pesaro to Gabicce, and it constitutes the only stretch of high coast from Triest, in the north, to the Gargano, in the south, with the exception of Mount Conero, near Ancona. The protected area has an extension of about 1600 hectares, and it is greatly interesting, both for its nature and for its history and culture.
Mount San Bartolo tells its story of ancient history, and of the relationship between man and the sea, the animals, the plants. Today, careful and sensitive tourists can enjoy its charm. Flat beaches of the Romagna and Marche regions, in the form of a wave-like succession of spurs and small valleys, rapidly sloping down to the shore. The summits of Mount Castellaro and Mount Brisighella are in the region of 200 metres a.s.l., allowing a wide view over the coastline and the sea. Moreover, the overhanging cliffs constitute an uncommon marine landscape for our otherwise sandy coastline, and a quite unexpected surprise for visitors coming from the Pesaro coast or from Romagna. The cliffs facing the sea present greatly interesting geological characteristics, with fossilized fish, and rare chalk crystals. A narrow, gravel and pebble beach runs at the foot of the cliffs.
Among the stones, which come from the demolition and the slide of the overhanging walls, the rounded, sometimes curiously-shaped stonjes, locally known as "cogoli", stand out for their golden colour. The pebble beach hosts rare forms of coastal marine biocoenosis, and in the past it used to be exploited as an easily-accessible quarry, and its gravel and stones were picked up and readily stored on boats, later to become floor-building and paving material. Historical evidence shows that the said activity went on for quite a few centuries, only to stop around the middle of this century, and the material used to be carried as far as Ravenna, Rimini and the other coastal towns. In fact, the old street-paving of Pesaro and villages in the Park area was made with stones from that beach.

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