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Appignano is an agricultural and industrial town located 199 meters a.s.l. in the Monocchia valley, whose small river forms a tributary of the larger and more well-known Potenza. This territory primarily produces cereals, grapes and beets, as well as other fruits and vegetables. In addition, there are livestock farms in the area which breed cows, pigs and poultry.
Making up for a slow decline in agriculture over the years, today the town is also home to the wood and cement industries. Handcrafted ceramics, however, are the trademark for which Appignano has become most famous. For some years it has also ventured, with success, into the clothing textile industry. Though this small town's origins are uncertain, still testifying to its past are the medieval historical centre and part of the medieval city walls, which have, however, been greatly modified over the years.

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