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Montefortino rises up from the crest of a hill, about 700 m a.s.l., facing the splendid scenery of the Sibylline Mountains. Its history goes back to Roman times, as attested by an ancient headstone retrieved from the Girone fortress destroyed in 1442. In 1084, it emerged as a free municipality creating its own constitution, later modified in 1126. In the Modern Epoch, it was part of the Pontifical State under the jurisdiction of the Fermo diocese. In 1860, it voted to be annexed to the kingdom of Italy under king Victor Emanuel II.
Today, Montefortino is one of the most welcoming and popular tourist towns in the Sibyllines. It unites the historical and artistic points of interest of its own heritage to its naturalistic aspect, which derives from its evocative geographical position and the sheer beauty of its landscape.

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