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Montalto delle Marche is located on the watershed between the Aso and Tesino Rivers. City-Diocese since 1585, Presidium until 1808, it was founded in the second half of the 6th century and around the 10th century it formed its current nucleus, with walls and towers. At the entrance to the city, one sees the rotating monument in bronze by P. Fazzini in honor of Pope Sixtus V and, immediately after, the Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta by the architect D. Fontana. Located at the Bishops' Seminary, work of the architect Pietro Maggi (completed in 1825) is the Sistine Bishops' Museum of Montalto, part of the Sistine Museums of the Piceno. It houses vestments and a very precious Sistine reliquary dating from the 14th-15th centuries.
Going to the historical center by the Patrizia Gate (15th century), passing by the antique Episcopal Building, one sees the facade from the 1700s of a building with a civic tower: it has been the Town Hall since the 19th century and currently houses the library, which conserves numerous antique documents and an important Historical Archive. In the Municipal Building (14th century) one finds the Civic Art Gallery, a section called Museum of Prisons and another that is dedicated to rural culture. A short distance away one finds the Civic Archeological Museum, the Palazzi Massi Mauri (16th century), Pasqualini (18th century), Sacconi (19th century), Marina Gate (15th century) and that of the Leoni. Not far from the urban center are the Church of Sant'Agostino (13th century), the Church of San Francesco alle Fratte, with an adjacent monastery founded in 1215 perhaps by the saint himself, and the beautiful mill (in the locality of Valdaso), used in the 18th century as a papal mint.
The 14th of August, on the occasion of the Night of elves and witches, Montalto delle Marche takes on a playful atmosphere, making the world of legend and fable come to life in the recreation of mythical characters of fantasy and fiction.

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