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Cupra Marittima is a small, welcoming country town lying within the "comprensorio" district of the Riviera delle Palme (Riviera of the Palms). Renowned as a tourist centre every year it attracts many tourists owing to the charms of its beaches and its sea, as well as much more besides. Cupra Marittima is also important from the standpoint of historical architecture and culture.
In fact, it can boast of Roman and medieval archaeological sites and numerous places of interest such as the ruins of the Castle of Sant'Andrea, the collegiate church of San Basso containing the triptychs of Vittore Crivelli, the Roman forum and a Roman villa.
It is also interesting to visit the nearby Territorio Museum, the Malacologico Piceno Museum and the Presepio Poliscenico crib. Remember, too, that in the month of September the Cupra Music Festival is held at Cupra Marittima, an event of international status.

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