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Ascoli Piceno is between the torrent Castellano and the river Tronto. The complex monumental is one of the most evocative of Italy. Square of the People and Square Arringo are the heart of town. Numerous are the churches, in big part romans. The most singular is S.Vincenzo and Anastasio (sec. XI), built on an encrypts of the VI century. There are many Roman remains like the bridge of Door Solest, the theater and Door Gemina. Other monuments are the towers gentilizie, the fortezza Pia, the strong Malatesta, the elegant noble palaces.
Just out Ascoli, the temple of Sant'Emidio to the Caves (sec. XVIII), operates by G. Giosafatti, is absorbed in the hill wall with a short elliptical porch. Besides the story the town is rich of details that farewell the trouble of vision, like: the source of the dogs, the notices of Pio IX, the arm to extend the cloths of wool, the angles blunted for the carriages.

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