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Acquaviva Picena it is an admirable village in the hills, approximately 8 km from San Benedetto del Tronto. The village attached around the medieval Fortress, once the stronghold of the powerfull family of the Duces of Acquaviva, has conserved its antique and majestic splendor. The time seems to have stopped in the narrow and winding streets of the historic center, the flight of stairs and in the butress. Every corner, every stone tells about the past - they are a sign of the collective memory.
There are various monuments of great historic and artistic interest: the church of "San Rocco" (13th century), the Gothic Gate, the Clocktower, the church of "San Nicol", the City Hall with its valuable paintings, the church of "San Lorenzo degli Agostiniani" with some paintings of Crivelli and, stretched out on a hill, the church of "San Francesco" which is believed says to have been created by Francesco d'Assisi. In Acquaviva the art of making strawbaskets, called "pagliarole" is still in use. It is not uncommon, especially in summer, to see the older women of the village on their front porches, plaiting wheat with formidable skill, using an awl and a bucket full of water. The work is long and laborious because it requires previous preparations of the materials: straw, wild willow twig and reed. The "pagliarole", of many different kind of shapes, are used as "sfarinapesce", fruitbaskets, baskets for knitting-materials, laundry baskets and baskets for ornamented plates.

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