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Monte San Vito is located just 25 Km away from Ancona, on the left side of the lower Esino valley, 135 metres a.s.l. The historical centre occupies the point of a small hillside spur which lies between the Triponzio and Guardengo rivers. Its country wards are Borghetto, Le Cozze and Santa Lucia. The oldest part of the centre, roughly circular in shape, is located on top of the walls of the old castle which probably dates back to the year One Thousand. It was also called Monte San Pietro, as recorded by a document of the Emperor Frederick I Barbarossa who granted it autonomy and jurisdiction over four other castles. Towards the end of the 12th century, Monte San Vito returned under the civil jurisdiction of Senigallia.
From 1213 to 1377, it was part of the contado of Jesi and then passed, by will of Gregory XI, to the Contado of Ancona. The circle of town walls dates back to the 13th-14th century and in 1535, the town granted itself autonomous statutes. Of significant historical interest is the palazzo Malatesta, at present the town hall. It was constructed under the noble Malatesta family at the beginning of the 15th century. Exhibited in the council chamber, there are 7 recently restored canvases by Lorenzo Daretti depicting architectural prospects. The Collegiata Church, dedicated to San Pietro Apostolo, built between 1753 and 1770, following the design of the architect Cristoforo Moriconi, with its own disposition of masses, characterises the image of the historical centre of Monte San Vito. The church is in the shape of a Latin cross with a nave and two aisles surmounted by a cupola, the interior of which is decorated with stuccoes attributed to Gioacchino Varl. The church, inside, preserves numerous precious canvases.

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