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The Caves of Frasassi, in the Gorge of the same name in the municipality of Genga, province of Ancona, are part of the grand hypogean complex which extends for about 18 Km (12 miles). Discovered in 1971, they were opened to the public in 1974, and, in a short time, became one of the most important attractions of the Marche region; they have already been visited by over 10 million people coming from all the continents. The route is exciting and the illumination accentuates the shapes and the colours of the concretions: inlaid stalactites, gigantic stalagmites, small lakes tightly enclosed between crystal arabesques, spears of alabaster which hang from the lofty vaults, an hypogean itinerary which has been defined as one of the most beautiful in the world. Fantasy has inspired interesting names given to some aspects of the scenery: Ancona Abyss (Abyss, for its height of 240 m; Ancona in honour of the person who discovered it); Hall 200 (because 200 m in length) or of the Obelisk (because of the presence, right in its centre, of a 15 m high stalagmite); Canyon (similar to those in Colorado) with the famous organ-pipes and the fantastic spectacle of the Candeline (the Little Candles) and of the Columns, the White Room, the Room of the Bear, the Room of the hay-stacks and others. The Frasassi Consortium suggests spelaeological tourism: a new and fascinating journey to the inner Caves. Accompanied by expert guides and provided at the entrance with the correct clothing, on a trip lasting about two or three hours you will have the opportunity to admire magnificent new rooms which are hidden from the view of the normal visitor. In this way, for one day, it is possible to live the experience of the spelaeologist.

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