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Lookout post part of an important itinerary which is testified to by a bridge with six arches, an important work on the road for San Marino, Carpegna and Urbino. Mercatino Conca belonged to the Malatesta family in medieval times. The ancient castle has been known from 1272: it was destroyed in 1462 by Federico of Montefeltro, who with his troops was able to reduce and subdue it. The dominion of Montefeltro and of Della Rovere lasted for two centuries, while the river Conca, went spontaneously always towards the right, which gave a major thickness to the abandoned riverbed.
Mercatino Conca followed the historical events of the dukedom of Urbino and is characterised by its economic programme of small business and exchanges thanks to the lucky geographic placement. The cooking combines the typical tastes of the Pesarese with those of the culinary specialities of the region.

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