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Pian di Meleto, Planus Mileti became a fortified bastion in the XII century, but only with the stability of the Oliva Counts (XIV cent.) did it become an important centre in the high valley of Foglia. The Olivas were captains of fortune who followed the Malatesta of Rimini and also had important responsibilties in the nearby major Tuscan cities. At the end of the XV century the castle was rebuilt giving it the greatness that has been conserved until now with medieval battlements, the courtyard of honour, the portals and the stone fireplaces.
Today the interior houses: the Museum of Farmworkers, the Museum of Scienze of the Land with a relative library of over 3,000 volumes, the Herbal Medicine Book of the Marches and the permanent photographic exhibition "Cento" country houses of Montefeltro. Travel along the characteristic medieval alleways of the historic centre, where is still recognisable the "gate of death", you will arrive at the church dedicated to Saint Agustine (XIII cent.) in which inside are conserved the frescoes from the 1400 and 1500's with the two gothic headstones of the Oliva. Nearby is the Ubaldian Library with a gathering of objects of art (canvases, sculptures, ceramics, archeological finds, antique books) left by comm. Ugo Ubaldi, and his 15,000 volumes. Another visit of extreme interest is to the nearby medieval towns of Monastero, with its Benedictine Abbey of S. Maria of the Mutino, and of Cavoleto that has an Oratory with frescoes from the 1500's of the Raffaellesca school, and its Crucifix.
All of this is the natural scene for the Palio of the Oliva Counts, evocative history in costume that is performed the week preceeding the last Sunday of July. The last Sunday of September and the first Sunday of October in the hamlet of San Sisto there is organised the Mushroom Festival with relative regional shows.

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