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Belforte all'Isauro was part of the country parish church of San Lorenzo from the VII century. Then the "castrum" Belfortis belonged to Massa Trabaria until it was recuperated by the Church State of Pope John XXII. In 1440 arrived the Malatesta of Rimini, before the centre was assigned to Guidantionio of Montefeltro, it was that Belforte that followed its fate. In 1864 the thirteenth century castle (situated on a spur of rock), that until then belonged to the Nanni family, was acquired by the Baron of Beaufort and afterwards donated to the Council, on condition that the interior should be developed for teaching projects (an obligation that the actual administration, after a successful restoration, is following with considerable success).
In the Church of San Lorenzo there are conserved some canvases of the baroque school and a Crucifix believed to hold miraculous powers. At the side of the Church are the public gardens, where you will find a modern fountain designed by the Turin artist Franco Assetto.

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