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High on a hill, dominating the sea, Loreto is a small city that lives solely for the "Santa Casa", one of the most famous and revered monuments of Christianity. According to tradition, it was the Virgin Mary's birth house, which up until that time was kept intact and venerated in Palestine, then flown by angels from Nazareth to the Adriatic Coast and set on a green hill of laurels on the night of December 10, 1294; hence the name Loreto.
Today, the historical hypothesis, more scientific but as equally impressive, is attributed to the Crusaders, who transported from the Holy Land the precious residence that since the 14th century has been a destination for believers from all over the world.
Thanks to the faith and the generosity of visiting princes and popes, the construction of the immense Sanctuary around Santa Casa, that lasted almost three centuries between modifications and decorating, was achieved by the greatest architects and artists of that time; from Sangallo, Bramante, Vanvitelli to painters and ceramists of the most noted renaissance schools.
Nevertheless, whether for myth or reality, today Loreto offers a wide range of interests and events to those who visit: sublime sacred occasions, priceless treasures of art, museums, tourist and artistic itineraries, exhibitions and international musical shows and events.

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