Livigno in Winter

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Livigno in winter
"A wide, flat, open valley that disappeared into the horizon. Two chains of mountains that descended gently down to a town composed of a series of dark wooden houses that rose up out of the snow here and there in a long single row. A sheltered village flooded with sparkling rays of sun from the clear blue limpid sky, the air is fresh but revitalising, there are no roads, only tracks for sledges and an immense blanket of snow broken here and there by the green of the trees".
This is how Livigno appeared in the thirties, to the German tourists who fell in love with Livigno and its skiing, coming in via the Gallo Pass by horse and sledge, the only way to get in from the Engadin at the time. These tourists would go for long treks on skis up the valley or climb up the gentler slopes around Livigno using snow shoes in order to ski down the virgin slopes. Then after the war advances in snow ploughs allowed Livigno to break its winter isolation. More tourists started to come, new hotels and the first ski lifts were built.
Today Livigno is one of the most important European ski resorts and despite its growth it has been able to preserve its environment and architecture and the alpine atmosphere that those first German tourists so loved. Livigno is still a true mountain resort, the sort we all dream of, with an immense blanket of snow, blue skies and dotted with wooden cottages just below the tree line.