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Livigno 1800 m.
Livigno's altitude makes some think that it is unsuitable as a holiday location.
This is due to old prejudices even on the part of some doctors.
However, this is easily disproved if you take into consideration the local community which has flourished here for many hundreds of years.

Livigno and St. Moritz
Livigno, St.Moritz and the Engadina valley which runs parallel to our valley are all at a similar altitude. These territories have been inhabited for many years, overcoming with time, the problems that the mountains posed them.
They were able to enjoy a climate that was comparable with Alpine areas of a much lower altitude, this has also enabled them to place themselves amongst some of the most popular mountain resorts.
Furthermore, Livigno is more protected than the Engadina, being situated in an enclave of mountains that protects it from the Northerly cold and Southern humid winds.

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