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Gerola Alta is the last municipality in the Valgerola area. It is situated at 1053 m and, apart from Gerola (Piazza) itself, there are a number of outlying hamlets which are located in the upper part of the valley: Fenile, Nasoncio, Ravizze, Castello, Laveggiolo, La Foppa, La Roia, La Corna, Cassinelle. The village of Pescegallo is the location of the only skiing resort, with lift systems operating both in the winter as well as in the summer. These are all small, rural villages which present the visitor with interesting examples of Alpine architecture. Here, the scenery becomes gentle and welcoming, the beech and chestnut woods gradually give way to the pinewoods.
The mountains are welcoming and enjoyable whatever the season: with relaxing strolls, excursions to the Pizzo Tre Signori, to the lakes or the lush alpine pastures where the famous Bitto cheese (Denomination of protected origin guaranteed) is produced. In the winter, there are a variety of different itineraries on offer for mountain ski enthusiasts. Gerola is a town suited to every season. In the past, its territory was utilised not only for its pastureland and woodlands, but also for its iron mines. There was a well developed commerce with some of the nearby valleys and the Valtellina area.

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