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Celebrations - this the image, the word which Rapallo immediately evokes. Perhaps this is because of its famous July fireworks, the occasion for setting a castle on fire amidst a thousand coloured bursts of light. But this is not the only reason. For Rapallo is always alive with movement and a very special dynamism. There can be no more pleasant or easier task than choosing from among the many occasions, dates and events the one that most accords with one's tastes and interests. The climate here is special.
But not only because of the temperature, or the calm winds which transform winter into a pleasant season or the luminosity of the sky and the sea in its splendid summer. What also counts is its way of presenting itself, and a life style that is brimful of events all year round. All this gives Rapallo its outstanding character. And perhaps this is why people also stay here in winter. A sign that it is a magical place, a place where you never feel alone. A great pleasure boat harbour and a great landing-place, Rapallo has a special talent for welcoming people, for offering its guests the best that a place endowed with such a distinctive vocation for tourism can give.
Not only are the beaches well looked after and wellequipped but you can also find spots of unsuspected exclusive beauty, such as San Michele di Pagana. Set in a small bay, it has maintained intact the lay-out of a fishing village whose houses give directly onto the beach. High above the village stands the church of San Michele, which contains a valuable Van Dyck. Completing this simply splendid picture is the luxuriant vegetation amidst which is hidden another gem: the magnificent summer residence of the Knights of Malta, a fascinating echo of an ancient Mediterranean world, rich in history and charm.

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