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The tourist passing through the Riviera who makes a stop for lunch in Chiavari, or who comes for a seaside holiday, wanting every now and then to concede himself a pause amongst green vegetation, far from the confusion of the beaches and the heat of the seafront walk, may cast his glance to the rear of the town, to catch a glimpse of a silver-green cascade of olive trees which beckon him to rest. The olive trees constitute the main cultivation of the area: it is not by chance that it has been defined the town of oil, the quality of which is considered to be excellent.
"Le Cinque Torri" Pathway - Since 1998, the Pro Loco of Leivi has cleaned up and brought to light an old, abandoned pathway so that it may be used by those who love to walk through a natural, green setting, enjoying an exceptional panorama. But the 5 Torri pathway is also destined for that large group of cycling enthusiasts who often adventure along impassable slopes and rambling passages.
This pathway is interesting both from the naturalistic point of view as well as from the historical one, it crosses, in fact, the territory of Leivi, passing by the most fascinating places of worship.

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