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Despite being, as its name suggests, the home of slate, Lavagna is a centre for lively, brightly coloured holidays. One need only stroll through the streets of its old town to find oneself pleasantly surrounded by imaginative facades painted in the old Ligurian tradition. These provide an original backdrop which makes you feel at the centre of your holiday. The impressive pleasure boat harbour, one of the largest in the entire Mediterranean area, can be your starting-point for a journey of discovery of Liguria at its most authentic.
For many lovers of the sea and boating, Lavagna is above all a landing-point. Naturally enough, since its harbour providing all the facilities sailing enthusiasts can wish for. What's more, it also has bars, restaurants and shops. But it would be a shame if visitors arriving from the sea only stopped here without feeling impelled by curiosity to immerse themselves in its ancient heart and to exploit the particularly modern bathing and tourist facilities available here. One need only walk along Via Roma, for example, to feel that it was worth getting off the boat. The ground-floors of the old houses on this charming street contain a succession of shops whose attractive windows wield the compelling fascination we associate with shopping in holiday resorts.
From a simple dip in the limpid waters of the sea to a breath-taking flight on a para-glider, from canoeing to riding in the green hinterland, from windsurfing to sailing on the high seas - all of these activities are possible in Lavagna and in its bathing resort, Cavi di Lavagna. Naturally there are a great number of opportunities not only for practising sport but also quite simply passing the time in the most agreeable way possible. Moving around in Lavagna is pleasant and easy.
Not only because the other "pearls" of the Tigullio are within easy reach, but also because this is the best place to start out on a tour of discovery through the Val Fontanabuona. Besides being the area where slate is quarried and fashioned this valley is also an example of natural and environmental beauties that have remained intact, beauties typical of the Ligurian Apennine countryside. A walk along the charming paths of Monte San Giacomo will be enough to convince you of this.

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