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Villa Carmagnola, Viale Rainusso, 14
16038 Santa Margherita Ligure
Tel. (+39) 0185 289649
Fax (+39) 0185 293002
The Marine protected area of Portofino has been established with the law of the Department of the Environment of 26th April 1999 and includes the Municipalities of Camogli, Portofino, and Santa Margherita Ligure. The establishment of the marine protected areas is provided for by two national laws: the Legislation regarding the defense of the sea (n. 979 of 31st December 1982) and the Outline Law on protected areas (n. 394 of 6th December 1991). The aims of the marine protected areas are both the safeguard of the sea environments and resources and the promotion and the enhancement of the local economic activities, provided that they are compatible with the importance of the naturalistic aspects and of the landscape of the area.
The management consortium is formed by: Province of Genova, Municipality of Camogli, Municipality of Portofino, Municipality of S. Margherita Ligure, University of Genova.

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