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Arriving from the freeway of the Flowers, to 12 km from Savona, we catch up the beautiful Spotorno, a picture of unfouled landscapes and beaches. In past it was a poor centre of the coast ruffled from neighbour countries of Noli and Savona. The economy was based on the few fruits that the country produced and on the activities to the sea-life, than from always is maintenance sources. With the end of the war the landscape began to remarkable change and with it born the first bathing establishments, hotels and all which accompany the tourism still today entertaining the traditions, the gusto and the historical and artistic beauties of a time always intact.
This is the beauty of Spotorno, the fusion between ancient and modern that every year invite many visitors, adults and children. To visit: the Parochial SS. Annunziata, the Oratory of Annunziata, the Church of Saint Caterina, the Monticello park, Episcopal Castle on the hill that dominates the country and all the communal territory covered from paths for walks.

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