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Travelling westwards along the Riviera delle Palme by car or train, you can't help notice how the coastline suddendly changes shape. The hills move away from the sea, the holm oaks and olive trees thin out, the tunnels end and the landscape opens out into a plain; at the head of the fertile valley of River Centa stands Ceriale, with its palm-lined promenade, brightly coloured houses, bathing establishments, beautiful beaches and diving havens. Ceriale was once a farming village ruled over by the Bishop of Albenga and, later on, by the Republic of Genoa. Despite the advent of tourism, it has never lost its agricultural vocation: hot houses and valuable crops take up much of the area, producing vegetables, cut flowers and delicious white wine, Pigato. Today Ceriale has excellent tourist facilities and is one of the most popular holiday centres in Liguria.
Ceriale has fortifications dating from 1564, which were built as a defence against Saracen invasions (as was the slightly later watchtower). The beach is almost entirely composed of sand, with just a few pebbly areas; the sea-bed is also sandy and is suitable for divers. A good alternative to the beach is the Aqua Park, which is not far from the town centre. The hinterland area is dominated by Mediterranean maquis vegetation, interspersed with cultivated flower and vegetable fields. Of interest are the fourteenth-century church of San Giovanni il Vecchio and the mediaeval fountain called "Anthia".

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