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A bustling, lively town, the last resort on the western edge of the Riviera delle Palme. Andora's roots are extremely ancient. It may have been founded by Phocaeans from Asia Minore several centuries before Christ, as were Genoa, Sanremo and Marseilles. Later on it was home to the Romans, who built a road to Provence and a bridge over the River Mrula. the town still has a handsome 10- span stone bridge dating back to the Middle Ages. In the Dark Ages, war, famine and invasions made it safer for the local people to settle on the surrounding hills, in the shadow of the marquises of Clavesana's castle and the late- Romanesque church of Santi Giacomo and Filippo (built in the 1100s).
The castle is now ruined, but the church remains a beautiful piece of architecture even today. When times were safer, the local people came back down to live on the coast, to Marina and Pigna, near the watchtower built by the Genoese.
Today life in Andora centres on the sea. There are fine sandy beaches, a marina, yachting regattas; on the rocky sea bed lies a shipwreck from the second World War; the sea is home to species of whales and dolphins. Andora stands at the centre of the Whale Sanctuary which was set up recently by Italy, France and the Principality of Monaco.
A fabulous sea with its clear, clean water, a Mediterranean spot rich and full of colour, clean air and a mild climate. The calm atmosphere, the renowned tourist harbour and Roman remains make Andora the right place for a holiday which offers above all sea, sun and relax.

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