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The origins of Alassio date back to the 10th century. Historic textbooks and ancient legends allow us to affirm that Alassio was probably founded in 997, when some groups of people came from the hills and created Borgum Alaxii. About the name of Alassio the story of Adelasia and Aleramo is handed down from the past. The legend says that in the second half of the 10th century Aleramo, the young and brave commandant of the troops of Emperor Otton I the Great, fell in love with the Emperor's daughter Adelasia. Because of the Emperor's anger the two lovers were forced to escape and seek refuge just in the area in the nearby of Alassio. Anyway the story had an happy end: Adelasia and Aleramo were forgiven and could go back to the court of Otton I. In the 16th and 17th centuries Alassio was a flourishing fishing village. At the end of the '800 it became famous as a spa as well as an up-to-date seaside resort, where members of European upper-class (in particular english) and Genoese rich families loved to spend much time. Nowadays Alassio is synonymous with tourism, for everybody, all year round.