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The territory of the Riviera of Flowers extends from Cape Cervo to the Franch border. The extraordinary variety of scenery from the sea to the mountains is breathtaking, with the profumes and colours that Nature continues to offer, patiently, from among its old weather beaten olive trees to its young sun soaked palm trees. Hills which tell stories of men, women, lords and countrymen, cities that preserve years of their past in the crevices of the walls or in the colour of the plasterwork: this is the secret and mystery of the Riviera of Flowers.
It is a land which has asked sacrifices of its people whose character it has absorbed. Reserved and as proud as ever, the Riviera of Flowers makes demands of its people, hides from them and challenges them. Then it opens up and gives way, reveals its true self and guides its new conquests along its magical pathways. An enormous stone lies among the olive trees on the Riviera of Flowers. It has witnessed the years, the faces, the thoughts and the fashions both on the coast and in the valley, and still tells of them. The history of the Riviera of Flowers is simple, yet hard, with few heroes, yet many courageous men.
It tells of invasions from the sea and hasty retreats inland, but above all, it is a history of stones: now poor and rough, in the century-old dry-stone walls, austere and imposing in the architecture of old fortresses or the first medieval parishes, now decorated and frescoed, in the Baroque churches facing the sea. Here, styles and eras, history and art were made of stone so as not to be forgotten.
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