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Ventimiglia, Italy's last town before the border with France, greets the tourist in three different guises, not least in terms of logistics: archaeological, Medieval and modern. Archaeological Ventimiglia (on the eastern side of the modern town) dates back to Roman times. In this veritable open-air museum one finds an arena with the first level of steps still intact, the "porta di Provenza" (gate to Provence), insulae and domus, baths and mosaic floors.
Medieval Ventimiglia stands high on the crest of a rock, dominating the right bank of the river Roia. It can easily be seen from a distance thanks to its imposing walled boundary, cathedral of the Assunta, octagonal baptistery and convent of Lateran Canonesses, built into the side of which is an eye-catching double staircase leading to the baroque church of Sant'Antonio Abate. Modern Ventimiglia is crossed by three routes, the direction of which is determined by the bridge over the river Roia: the town centre and sea, France and Piedmont (with its ancient wooden and studded iron leaves, the sixteenth century porta Piemonte marks the way to Colle di Tenda, the pass which links Liguria to Piedmont).
The territory of Ventimiglia offers very fine landscaping and real estate has developed in the zones of Latte and Mortola. The peerless climate and the fertility of the soil were ideal for establishing fine gardens, subsequently renovated in the late 19th century, the most remarkable being the Hanbury Garden.

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