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There is no position better than the sea for embracing Sanremo and its surroundings in a complete panoramic view: from this position the town seems to stand out at the centre of a vast inlet delimited to the east by Capo Verde and to the west by Capo Nero. The ancient heart of Sanremo, the La Pigna neighbourhood, which dates back more or less to the year one thousand and has remained practically intact with its enchanting web of steep winding alleys, clings to the hill, watched over by the baroque profile of the Santuario della Costa shrine.
Hence one's gaze turns to the coastline and meets the modern town, built between the nineteenth and twentieth centuries on the wave of the "fin de sicle" tourist boom: Sanremo's belle epoque discernible still today in the elegant buildings, the neat villas, parks and gardens with their luxuriant vegetation luckily saved from the expansion of the built-up areas. It was the climate, unusually mild, which attracted the first V.I.P. tourists, nobility and sovereigns, from all over Europe to this locality during the past century. A meteorological situation perpetually favourable, thanks to that considerable mountain range beyond the sea (Monte Bignone, the highest peak, almost reaches 1,300 metres) which seems created especially to protect the coastal area from the cold winds blowing from the north. Thus it never rains at Sanremo or limitedly; the days are almost always sunny and the mean temperature is particularly mild and constant; an ideal premise for making Sanremo the capital of all-season holiday-making.
On the other hand recent statistics speak clearly: Sanremo has more than one hundred hotels and annual visitor presences are constantly in excess. Tourist attractions are not lacking and Sanremo is open throughout the year. Sport facilities abound and are well-equipped, especially the golf-links and the horse-riding centre. There are as many as two marinas, the Porto Vecchio and the modern Portosole.


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